Get your child into the school of his/her dreams, from  Anywhere in the world! 

S2S School is India’s first online-only school. We present transparent quality education, regardless of the circumstances and location. Our teachers and students come from around the world - connect with our counsellors to see if we are right for your child.


Not just the safest school in India but, better than any traditional school


School where every teacher is trained and certified


Digital interaction between students and teachers

Learning Content

A unique platform that has the answers to all your questions

End-to-end School

School Management Simplified

S2S school that brings together a ‘real’ international curriculum delivered on an easy to-use platform, a wide range of extracurricular activities including counselling, music, yoga, dance, art, story-telling, coding, cultural exchanges, personality-development classes & moral studies, post-classroom learning content, in a safe and engaging learning environment with 3-4 hours of regular online classes 5-6 days a week in small class sizes of 15 students/class, where you child gets dedicated attention, your child will be getting so much more than any other school could provide. Plus, your kid will be learning in India’s most multicultural classrooms comprising students from all parts of India.





Track Student's Progress Daily

Our tech-enabled learning platform delivers appropriate and timely feedback so you can observe students' progress and we can utilize the data to analyze the weak points and drive concentration towards them, enhancing learning results

Skill Based Learning

We cover the benchmarks of the national curriculum framework and couple that with several electives that the student can select from during their time at S2S School. With students not wasting time on the commute, many take up performing arts, language studies, and sports during their free time.

Personalized & Flexible Learning

With S2S School, your kid and you get the freedom to continue in the same school regardless of your situation and location. The syllabus is also useful for professional athletes, gifted students, and slow learners as the student can choose the pace.

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Socialize with Friends around the World

As S2S is location agnostic, we choose top faculty from around the country for our school this is extremely good for students that do not have access to quality education in their hometown. With students from other cities and abroad, your friendship circle will be global.

Why people trust S2S

S2S School is more than just schooling. It is about discovering your child’s hidden talents and educating them to excel by providing them more time, more energy, more knowledge, more faith, more creativity.

We are waiting to welcome your child to S2S School

Every child is blessed with some unique proficiency that sets her/him apart. At S2S School, our priority is not just to give a child a conducive environment to excel in studies but also to give enough time and encouragement to explore many possibilities in life


Completely manage student data across web and mobile platforms. ombined features such as attendance, grades, assignments, scheduling, and more.


improved student persistence, retention, and education rates of enrolled students. Get earlier alerts to recognize students with academic problems.


Total automation of processes to decrease investment costs and working expenses To minimize data redundancy, eliminate manual work, and enhance staff productivity.


It allows you to make frequent updates and communicate with the teacher for a better outcome. Because parents believed their children would become smarter and more trained one day.